Story of Brand India

We are all aware of how certain nations are  held synonymous with certain products, ideas and brands.

Each nation, civilization has a reason for promoting these products as their brand and each of these nations has carefully cultivated these brands and promoted them successfully across the globe, so much so that these products or brands and the nations are synonymous with each other today.

Independent India is now 75 years old. 

It gained its independence from Britain 75 years ago after their colonial hold over India for around 300 years.

It was not merely the colonial rule of Britain that India has had to fight but she has also had to fight off exploitation by the other colonial powers that have drained India since the early 1500s.

But the moot point is why did not one but all colonial powers make a beeline for India?

Obviously, for all that India was a brand for, in the 1500s.

We will see that these had been the brands of India not just for a few decades or centuries but for millennia before that too.

It is important for us to know and recall these brands every now and then as it will tell us about the innate strengths of our civilization.

It is important for us to see how these have morphed into becoming the brands that India is known for today, as it will showcase to us the hand of time and history in shaping the future of a civilization too.

A brief overview of this story can be read here.

Here is our talk delivered at the Nations As A Brand summit organized by the International Advertising Association in September 2022.

More on the brands of India can be seen in our 5 volume series of books – Brand Bharat.

Brand Bharat – Vol 1 – Made in IndiaOf Products made and traded from India to make India a brand.

Brand Bharat – Vol 2 – Roots In India – Of Concepts rooted in India and adopted world over to make India a brand.

Brand Bharat – Vol 3 – Unique to India – Of Signs that can still be seen in India as a brand of India.

Brand Bharat – Vol 4 – Leads From India – Of how India had influenced world thought and was a brand leader for Knowledge.

Brand Bharat – Vol 5 – Future From IndiaOf Expectations from India for the Future, with a brand as a Giving Civilization.