National Day of People’s Republic of China

Indo – China – A Connect over Millennia : An eBook:

Indo-China – A Connect Over Millennia

Indo-China Connect-333

China and India have always warranted a special attention from each other for many reasons, few being

  • both are ancient, surviving cultures with very old cultural ties
  • both have a large population
  • both have been the 2 trade giants of the pre-colonized world
  • both are seeking to grow in trade and economy once again
  • both are bounded by the Himalaya, one to the North and one to the South
  • both share natural resources such as rivers as well as glaciers
  • both have shared borders with each other and other neighbours such as Pakistan and Myanmar
  • and so on …

Both also vary in many aspects, few being,

  • while China sealed itself behind walls, India has always kept itself open via seas and hills
  • while China believes in Control, India believes in Freedom
  • while China follows Hard Power, India has been a master of Soft Power
  • while China follows diktats, India follows conviction
  • while China is steeped in Communism, India is replete with Democracy
  • and so on ….

Both are also complementary in a few aspects, such as

  • one of the holy pilgrim sites for Indians is Kailash Mansarovar in Tibet, China.
  • one of the holy pilgrim sites for Buddhist Chinese is Bodh Gaya in Bihar, India
  • and so on …

Where can the two meet?

How can the two meet?

Why should the two meet?

These, are the fundamental points that have punctuated many an attempt at relating with each other.

The Himalayas separate India and China.

The Himalayas also unite India and China.

It is a matter of perspective.

Only a very elevated view can bring clarity to this relationship. A rarity indeed!

Should one focus on the differences or on the similarities?

Or should the two complement each other? If so, how?

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