Ek Bharat Sreshta Bharat – Connecting India Series

This land called India i.e Bharat is commemorating its 75th year of Independence. It is being celebrated all over the land as Azadi Ka Amrut Mahotsav.

Bharat has always looked at itself, as not just independent kingdoms or a political entity, but more from the perspective of a cultural entity and a civilizational unit. This civilizational aspect of Bharat goes back many millennia into hoary times. All through these times, the people of different kingdoms, regions, languages, traditions, parampara have always looked at themselves from a higher identity of upholding the Dharma of being Bharatiya.

It is this realization that has prompted the government of New India to come up with the slogan Ek Bharat Sreshta Bharat i.e Ore Bharatham Unnatha Bharatham in Tamil.

This slogan brings out the facet that not only are we one nation, one civilization, one culture, a Kalacharam but that, we also take justifiable pride in appreciating the qualities of Bharat, the achievements of Bharat, the accomplishments of the people of Bharat through the ages. These have been in the realms of the products that we have produced and traded with the world as well as the elevated thoughts that we have similarly shared with other civilizations of the world through the millennia.

This knowledge aptly urges us to coin the term Sreshta Bharat or Unnatha Bharatham which conveys that we were leaders in the world community, both in material wealth and knowledge wealth. Through the last millennia, when people of this land, our forefathers fought for this land and its freedom, they fought, not for its geographical area but equally importantly, probably more importantly – for the values, the ethos, the practices, traditions, festivals of this culture and the civilization.

Through Ek Bharat Sreshta Bharat i.e Ore Bharatham Unnatha Bharatham we can dwell on facets, aspects that our civilization can be rightfully proud of. Not only be proud of but more importantly, know of these aspects, its layers and the reasons behind the same. This knowledge and the sense of pride, Abhiman, about our culture, civilization and land, in turn will help us recognize how fortunate we are, to be born in this Sreshta Bharat / Unnatha Bharatham land.

At Bharath Gyan, for the last 25 years, we have been researching and compiling these wonderful facets of Bharat and have brought this out in a range of mediums such as multimedia presentations, over 500 short films and 500 articles. We have also documented all this in over 100 volumes under the title Autobiography of India.

During travels across India, one observes that the practices, traditions and sentiments of the people are common in different parts of India even though the languages they speak may be different, the food may taste different and the attire they wear may look different. The connecting cultural thread is strong, distinct and palpable.

This, is the reason, New India, in the new millennia is seeing a cultural Renaissance.

It is recognizing its strengths, its connects and expressing it to its own citizens through such programs of Ek Bharat Sreshta Bharat or Ore Bharatham Unnatha Bharatham. This Renaissance propels us to showcase ourselves to the world with a sense of identity and pride.

It is keeping this in mind that we have thought it fit to deliver talks as a series called Inaikkum Bharatham Thodar i.e Connecting India series, under the larger umbrella of Ek Bharat Sreshta Bharat or Ore Bharatham Unnatha Bharatham, through which one can get to learn of these rich, wonderful and common aspects that connects each one with the others in this country, nation, civilization and also with the rest of the globe.

The first of its kind was hosted by the Hon. Governor of Tamil Nadu, Shri. R.N.Ravi at the Raj Bhavan, Chennai between 9th to 11th October, 2022 for students, researchers and faculty from different Universities of Tamil Nadu. It is planned to conduct many more such sessions for the youth, to take these learnings to their friends and family back home so that, together they can relish, celebrate and bond with the spirit of this Unnatha Bharatham.

Bharath Gyan Founders, Dr.D.K.Hari and Dr.D.K.Hema Hari being felicitated by Hon. Governor of Tamil Nadu, Shri.R.N.Ravi, with Principal Secretary to Governor, Shri.Anandrao V Patil looking on, for delivering talks of the 6 sessions of the Ore Bharatham Unnatha Bharatham – Inaikkum Bharatham Thodar held at Durbar Hall, Raj Bhavan, Chennai on 10th and 11th October, 2022

We have to get to know ourselves better. What makes each of us special? What are the great achievements of our forefathers which have gone to make Bharat a long standing, continuously living, sustainable civilization and culture?

This will help us decide what each of us has to do in our generation to keep this going for the future generations to come. So that they too will have Bharat as a place to belong to, a culture to take pride in and a civilization all around, to relate to.

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