Dakshinamurthy – Jupiter Connect – Guru Connect

Jupiter – Brihaspati – Guru

Jupiter is called Guru or Brhaspathi in Samskrt – Brhaspathi from the root Brh meaning biggest or one that is large in size.  Guru denotes weighty, heavy and thereby the power to attract and retain in hold – the reason why a knowledge master who attracts and guides people to stay on a path of wisdom is called a Guru.



It is the same reason why gravity in Samskrt is called Gurutvakarshana which appears to have been the root for the English word “gravity” itself too.

The word gravity has an agnate word in the Samskrt, where it is referred to as Gurutva. In India, the word and concept of gravity has existed as Gurutva and Gurutvaakarshana respectively. The root word Guru denotes ‘heavy, big and influencing’ and Akarshana means, ‘the power of attraction’. The word Guru and Gurutava means to attract. It is the root word for the English word gravity.

Thus Guru, Jupiter has been associated with knowledge.  Our ancient who were in tune with a common thirst for knowledge, had always kept their tryst with Jupiter, their Guru, for knowledge.

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4 Satellites of Jupiter

If we look at Jupiter, it has 4 main Satellites,

  1. lo
  2. Europa
  3. Ganymede
  4. Callisto


4 Satellites of Jupiter

There is a close connection between Jupiter and Lord Dakshinamurthy.

Dakshinamurthy and His 4 Disciples

In the traditional ritual parlance Shiva is considered a Guru and this is famously symbolized by the Dakshinamurthy form.

Dakshin means the southern direction. Dakshinamurthy is the form of Shiva, as a knowledge giver, one who gives the knowledge of the ultimate Truth, cosmos and Creation that can help man overcome the cycle of birth and death.

Dakshinamurthy is depicted as a young knowledge giver with 4 Rishi –

  1. Sanaka,
  2. Sananda,
  3. Sanathana
  4. Sanatkumara

They sit His at His feet imbibing this knowledge. While Dakshinamurthy is depicted as a young man, the 4 Rishi, who receive the knowledge from Him are older in age. The 4 Rishi ask their questions in silence and receive their answers in the same mode, i.e. in silence.



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The 4 satellites of Jupiter represent these 4 main disciples of Dakshinamurthy, while Jupiter is the Guru, Dakshinamurthy.

Jupiter and Dakishnamurty (3)

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