International Yoga Day – D K Hari and Hema Hari

Bharath Gyan eBook : Yoga – the Union:

The root of the word Yoga and its practice, lies in India.

Yoga is not just exercise or postures.

Yoga, as the name suggests,is the practice by way of which mind, body and breath are aligned to achieve a state of harmony with each other and to become homogeneous with the cosmic consciousness – a state that brings with it a sense of freshness, energy and calm, a sense of balance of the various senses and emotions.

The extent of harmony and balance maintained, defines the depth of insight the Yogi has gained.

In a simplistic form, it is a structured combination of

Asana exercise postures for the body, which brings in physical health and shapes our personal attitude

Pranayama regulating energy through control of the breath and

Dhyana meditation for the mind, along with maintaining physiological, psychological and sociological hygiene through Yama (control / abstinence), Niyama (adherence) and other guidelines.

For more see our eBook : Yoga : The Union:


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