Lockdown – Open Up

The Lockdown has actually made us OpenUp, become more busy and innovative.

This Covid Crisis and the Lockdown got us thinking about how the Indian Civilization – the longest, continuously living civilization had managed to stay afloat successfully across so many millennia, where it is bound to have encountered many such manmade or natural threats to its existence?

What has been India’s key to its continued sustenance?

Does India have it in her to continue to Stay Alive?

What are the lessons she can share with the world?

The result is our new book “Staying Alive – An Indian Perspective”, which we hope to be finishing by this month end.

We have therefore been very busy during this Lockdown, sharing these ideas in various forms.

  1. Penning the book Staying Alive at the start of Lockdown and racing to finish it as Lockdown ends.
  2. We have been giving online talks on the same during the Lockdown. We have created a separate Playlist called Staying Alive on our Bharath Gyan YouTube channel at https://bit.ly/2WPqRT1 to host these talks on Staying Alive hosted by                                                                                                                                                                   -various Universities such as Sri Sri University,  Sri Vishwakarma Skill University                                                                                                                                                                 -Social Organizations such as Chennai Citizens’ Forum, Vignana Bharati a Science Forum and                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 -Media channels such as PGurus in English, Chanakyaa TV – a Tamil Channel.
  3. We have also submitted articles on the same to a few Indian papers – Vijaya Karnataka in Kannada and Aryavarth in English.
  4. Towards helping people stay engaged during the trying Lockdown, we presented a few online talks for Zee Arth, India’s first multiregional culture fest. They are hosted in a separate playlist called Zee Arth on our Bharath Gyan YouTube channel at https://bit.ly/3cyMI7W and include topics of
  • Demistyfying Divinities
  • Story of Zero
  • Science from India and
  • 2 sessions from Indian mathematics

    5. Lockdown sadly does not put a lock on controversies. At Bharath Gyan, across the years, we have been responding to controversies pertaining to misrepresentation of the Indian Civilization by presenting the actual facts and ethos behind the same in an objective manner without any badmouthing. So, when there was a controversy recently on Saint Thyagaraja and India’s tradition of Unchavrtti or Bhikhsa which is an integral part of Dharma, Tradition, Culture, Equality and Equanimity in this land, we were bound to clarify the same through our Videos (in Tamil).

Links – https://bit.ly/2yRACbe  and https://bit.ly/2xWE1Fa.

Here are some of the banners of our talks, articles and covers of our book that can be used as required.

Since then we have been continuously doing lot more similar work, which is available in our website, articles, YouTube channels, minibooks for all to view.

Our Website: www.bharathgyan.com








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