Mother’s Day

The Mother’s day is observed on the 2nd Sunday of May every year, to celebrate the unique love of a mother, to honour motherhood.


A mother is our creator and sustainer. She also shapes and transforms our early life as the first teacher.

There is a saying in this land – Matru Sakshat Devo Bhava, meaning, the Mother is revered as the epitome of the Divine.

7 Mothers

In the Indian ethos, there are 7 mothers, who are honoured and revered.

  1. Atma-mata – The mother, from whose womb we have come to this world
  2. Guru patni – The wife of the Guru.
  3. Brahmani – The wife of a Brahmana
  4. Raja-Patnika– The wife of the king – the Queen.
  5. Dhenu – Cow
  6. Dhatri – Nurse
  7. Tatha prithvi– Earth

Shaktaism – Worship of the Divine Mother

India is home to many Religions such as Vaishnavism, Shaivism, Shaktaism etc.

Of these, Shakta is the religion dedicated to Devi, the Divine Mother. The followers of this religion revere the Divine Mother as the absolute divine being. She is worshipped in Her different forms such as Durga, Lakshmi, Sarasvati, Kali and innumerable other aspects.


Durga, Lakshmi and Saravati, the three forms of  Devi

Greek Celebration

The Mother’s day celebrations can be traced back to Greece, where the Greek Goddess Rhea, the wife of Cronus, who is looked upon as the mother of many Greek Divinities.


Goddess Rhea


Rhea, Cronus and their children

Love of Allah

In Koran, the love of Allah, is expressed as, that of 70 mothers. Thus, the Barometer of Love being the Mother.


The Holy Quran

Hindi Saying

There is a saying in Hindi, “Putra kuptura Bhaye, Mata kumatana Hoye”.

A son may go awry, but a Mother, never would lose her love for her children.

Chaya Surya episode

The same sentiment is expressed by Surya, the Sun, Divinity, to Chaya his wife. Chaya meaning shadow, shadow of the wife. The wife of Surya Sanjana, could not stand the radiance of Surya, so she kept her shadow, Chaya in her stead. When Chaya was impersonating as Surya’s wife, in that impersonating role, Chaya ill-treats his children, which is when Surya comes to know about the impersonation.

The Moral of the story being, a mother’s love would never diminish for her children.

Heaven is Mother

The Persian poet Agar Firdaus, while referring to a Mother’s love with poetic flourish sings, “Warruesaminast, Haminast, haminast, haminast”.


Agar Firdaus

“If there is Heaven on earth, it’s here, here, here.”


The script

It is this quote that was used much later by the Mughals, and Nehru, to describe the beauty of Kashmir.

M in Mother, M in Om

The word ‘Mother’, in all world languages, has the syllable ‘M’ in it. Not incidentally, but for an obvious reason, it is the same syllable ‘M’, that is present in OM, Amen and Ameen, signifying the source of all, the Mother.

Respect our nurturer

This Mother’s day and infact every day let us respect the role mothers have played in nurturing generation after generation.

For without a mother, we just don’t exist.

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