Sun Day

The sun is the main source of energy on Earth, and is vital for the survival of any flora and fauna, including humans. The sunlight is converted into food energy by plants. Plants are eaten by humans and animals. Animals eat other animals. Fungus eat the decaying plants and animals. This cycle begins with sunlight.

12 names of Sun

In this land, Sun is known by these Dwadasha names, meaning 12 names. These are known as Dwadasha Aditya.


Wives of Sun

In the Indian legends, the Sun has two wives, Samjna and Chhaya.

Samjna means Consciousness, Understanding. This comes from the life that Sun rays bestow on us.

Chhaya refers to shadow. Chhaya is the divinity of shadow, the consort of Surya, the Sun. In the Indian legends, Chhaya is the mother of Shani, the divinity of Planet Saturn.

Energy Activities based on Sun and Fertility on Moon

All energy activities are based on the sun, while fertility is based on the moon.

There is a close relation with specific regard to regeneration for the human beings with regard to the moon If we look at the reproductive cycle of women, the 28 day fertility cycle with 2 halves of 14 days is exactly the same as one monthly cycle of the moon with 14 days of waxing and waning.


Phases of Moon – Krishna paksha (waxing) & Shukla paksha (waning)

Shiva is quite often depicted with a crescent moon on his head. This symbolism shows the regenerative aspect of Shiva.

Sun, Moon and Breath

Indian Ayurveda and Yoga explain that the left side of human body is connected with the right side of the brain and vice-versa. The breath through the left nostril slows down the metabolism and keeps the body cool and calm. The energies arising out of the breath from the left nostril is associated with the moon or Soma or feminity. The breath through the right nostril increases the metabolism by atleast 50% more and increases the heat and activity in the body. The energies arising out of the breath from the right nostril are associated with the sun or Surya or masculinity.

More on this in our book, Understanding Shiva.


Akshaya Patra

Sun is a limitless source of energy. This fact is brought out by Akshaya Patra, which was gifted by Surya Deva to the Pandava. Kshaya means limited and Akshaya means unlimited. This Patra – vessel could produce food without end – Akshaya, and is a pointer to the infinite energy, Urja of the Sun.


Draupadi with Akshaya Patra


In the Mahabharata, Karna was the son of Surya Deva. He was known as Dana Veera, meaning “the courageous one who gives anything one asks for”. He represents the ever giving nature of the Sun.

Vitamin – D

The sun rays provides us with the vital Vitamin D.


Surya Vamsa

India has had many glorious dynasties through the ages. In ancient India, there was once a great dynasty known as the Surya Vamsa, solar dynasty. This dynasty had many great kings who apart from waging wars and expanding their territories, carried out many noble deeds for the welfare of their people and their times. Their noble deeds are etched in the form of legendary stories through the land.

In this noble lineage of Surya Vamsa, the greatest of the kings was Rama, the son of King Dasaratha.

Gayatri Mantra

The Gayatri Mantra, one of the potent Sun energy mantra, is dedicated to this effulgence aspect of the Sun that lights up all the worlds. In the Mantra, the sun is propitiated to enlighten one’s intelligence.


7 colours, 7 horses

In the Indian tradition, Sun is often depicted as travelling in a chariot drawn by 7 horses.

What do these 7 horses signify?

These are the seven colours of sunlight.


Seven horses of Surya, The Seven colours

A sloka from the Atharva Veda, speaks of the seven colors of the sunlight.


Another stanza from Bruhat Samhita, chapter-35, from 530 CE, speaks of the seven colours of the white light.


These seven colours are known in Samskrt as,

  • Gayatri
  • Brhati
  • Usnik
  • Jagati
  • Tristup
  • Anustup
  • Pankti


When sunlight is passed through a prism, these seven colours become separated. This was first discovered by Sir Issac Newton.


The multi coloured rays of the Sun is dispersed in a cloudy sky are seen in the form of a bow which is called rainbow.




The charioteer of the Sun is known as Aruna. Runa means limbs. Aruna is the one with no limbs. Aruna is the one who harnesses the power and direction of the rays, not by hands, but by the power of mind.

Sun-The Real Bharata Bhagya Vidhata

In our National Anthem, Jana Gana Mana, which is a part of the larger poem Bharatbidhata, there is a reference to a Bhagya Bidhta, the ruler of the destiny of India. In a subsequent stanza of the poem, Bharatbidhata, the word Chakradhari appears. This word Chakrapani is in reference to the Bhagya Vidhata. The word Chakrapani here refers to the Sun.

Sun is referred to as Eka Chakradhari in the Purana, meaning the one with one wheel, to denote the single wheel like blazing disc which apparently keeps going in a circular path across the sky.

Bharatha, the traditional name of this country, comes from  Bha, meaning, “light”, which represents knowledge and  Ratha, meaning “to relish”.

Bharatha is the land of people who relished knowledge.

Bharatha is also the land that enjoys the benevolence of the Sun, right through the year.

Bhagavan, the word for God, comes from,

  • Bhaga, which against means effulgent, resplendent, radiant, majestic, Sun and
  • Van meaning worshipful, from which come words such as Vande, Vandanam etc. meaning respects.

Bhagavan is the worshipful majestic, resplendent one, like the Sun. Bhagya, the word for fortune, destiny, prosperity etc. again comes from an association with Bhaga, the Sun. The real Bhagya Vidhata, destiny guide of Bharatha could only be Bhagavan, the supremely effulgent One, whose embodiment is the Sun.

Sun is the real Bhagya Vidhata of Bharatha, India.

More on the National Anthem, and the Bhagya Vidhata in our book, “Breaking The Myths – Vol-1 – About Identity.”


Pratyaksha Devta

India being located in the tropics, is receipt of the rays of the sun, at most times of the year. Surya is looked upto as Pratyaksha Devta – manifest Divinity, in this land.

Of the 6 Shadmadham, religions of India, Sauram is one which reveres Surya, sun as the Supreme Divinity. The sun is given prominence as the source and sustainer of earth as well as life on earth, in this religion.


Religion Divinity
Vaishnavam Vishnu
Shaivam Shiva
Shaktam Shakti/Devi
Ganapatyam Ganesha
Kaumaram Karthikeya
Sauram Sun

Amsu Bodhani

One of the ancient treatises on the Sun is known as Amsu Bodhani, authored by Rishi Bharadwaja. It is one of the ancient treatises of India, waiting to be used by the present and future generation. Rishi Bharadwaja had the capability to traverse through the subtle as well as the gross. The sun rays, the energy of the sun is to be handled at the subtle. Thus one needs to have an intrinsic and judicious knowledge of the both.


Rishi Bharadwaja

Solar Energy to Fuel the World

Today world is driven by energy, be it Fossil fuel, hydro or wind energy. One energy that is going to really fuel the world is solar energy.

Everlasting Solution to Power Crisis

The world has a consortium of Oil rich nations today. They practically control not only the prices of oil directly but also prices of everything and politics across the world indirectly, due to their vice like grip on oil.

But as we all know, oil is a depleting resource and with depletion of oil, so will dip the influence of the oil rich nations and oil guzzling nations of the world too.

Consortium of Sun Rich Nations

Whereas countries such as India and 102 others which have been branded as rich in Solar energy, as Surya Putra Rashtra – children of the Sun, have a perennial source of Clean energy, clean power. If these 102 were to form a consortium of Sun rich nations, the changed power dynamics will throw a different light on the world.


Solar Energy – A Future Brand of India

India has the potential to lead such a consortium both in technological capability as well as in governing capacity.

India is also to set a new pavilion ‘One World One Sun One Grid’ concerning positive climate changes.


Renewable Energy, Clean Energy

In 2019, the 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi is being dedicated to cleanliness and Power across India. Plans are afoot to generate 175 GW of power in the form of Renewable energy.

This will put India as a leading solar energy nation, a Surya Shakti Rashtra.

More on Solar Energy, in our book, Brand Bharat – Future From India.


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