Talk on Staying Alive – An Indian Perspective by D K Hari and D K Hema Hari


In the last couple of decades, some questions have been out up to the Indian civilization.

Bharath Gyan through its research on Indian Civilization studies has tried to offer dig up educated answers to these questions from the knowledge about India it has been compiling steadily since the year 2000.

Some of these questions include – Is Rama Setu manmade? Is Rama historical? For these 2 questions, Bharath Gyan came up with its film and book Historical Rama.

Likewise, when the court case of Ayodhya came into limelight, we compiled the facts tracing the spread of Rama’s lineage as well as the historicity of the Ayodhya Ram Janmabhoomi and gave it as a book “Ayodhya – War and Peace”.

When the ugly head of corruption raised reared its head and spread its tentacles across every aspect of India society, causing poverty in many pockets, in the later part of 1900s and in the first decade and a half of the 2000s, Bharath Gyan came up with a book You Turn India to bring out how India has been a prosperous land through the centuries and millennia and how we can overcome this phase of corruption and make a U Turn back into a prosperity phase.

In the last decade and more, there has been repeated talk that Indian History and Civilization has unfortunately not been portrayed correctly for various reasons. In response to this, Bharath Gyan came up with 5 volumes titled “Brand Bharat” and 4 volumes titled “Breaking The Myths” to bring out the right perspective of India for the youth and those wanting to know, to “set the narrative right”.

In the last few years, one of the buzz words in the Governance of India, has been “New India”. What is this New India from a civilizational perspective? This question was answered in detail through our Bharath Gyan books “Knowing New India” and “Beacon to New India” which are sequels to “You Turn India”.

When the Sabarimala issue came up along with the Supreme Court verdict, there were questions raised on different aspects of Sabarimala. In response to that we brought out the book “Understanding Sabarimala Swamy Ayyappa” from the angle of Shastha – Sabarimala – Sampradaya angle and what it means for the Indian society.

Similarly, with the Deepavali firecracker bursting becoming a burning issue, Bharath Gyan has brought out a book on “Deepavali”, a sound festival of lights tracing how there is a science and logic to this ritual and custom and how it is a minimal and transitory pollutant in the larger picture of things.

It all started with Bharath Gyan trying to look for answer from the Indian Civilization’s knowledgebase for the world’s biggest question of them all, namely, “How did we come to be?” The result was our book and film “Creation – Srishti Vignana”.

Now, when the world is faced with existential question of Viral epidemics, it has prompted us to look into the annals of the history of the Indian Civilization to see what Yukti, tools, methods were used by this civilization stay afloat in its millennial old civilizational journey, where it is bound to have encountered many such manmade or natural existential threats to humans? The result is this book “Staying Alive – An Indian Perspective”.

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