Vali Vadham

“Vali Vadham”, the slaying of Vali, occurred on 3rd April, 5076 BCE.

After Rama loses Sita, He wanders in the forest along with Lakshmana, searching for Sita. During the course of that wandering, He reaches Rishyamukha mountains in central India where He befriends Sugreeva and his lieutenant Hanuman, who have with them the ornaments that were dropped by Sita, when She was being abducted by Ravana.


Dying Vali, paying his respects to Rama

Hearing the story of Rama and His lost wife, Sita, Sugreeva offers to help Rama, in searching and bringing back Sita, provided Rama first helps Sugreeva in getting back at Vali, his elder brother, who had unjustly exiled him and also detained Sugreeva’s wife, against her wishes.

Sugreeva seeks help from Rama as Vali was mightier than Sugreeva. Rama enters into a pact with Sugreeva wherein Sugreeva calls Vali for a fight and Rama, hiding in the bushes, shoots an arrow and strikes Vali down.

In describing the death of Vali, a simile is given, in which we can infer that there was a solar eclipse at that time.

“Hearing the roar of Sugreeva, Vali’s face became red like the sun caught by Rahu during the eclipse.” Ramayana 4.15.3

Plotting the data in the planetarium software and looking for a solar eclipse in the morning hours in Central India, we do indeed see that an eclipse did occur in Kishkinda on 3rd April, 5076 BCE.


Sky chart when Vali was slayed – 3rd April 5076 BCE

“Vali Vadham”, the slaying of Vali, thus occurred on 3rd April, 5076 BCE, during the Solar Eclipse, on Amavasya, New Moon day of the month of Ashada, during the morning hours.

More on this in our book and film, “Historical Rama”.


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