Kalaratri – #Navaratri #Navadurga

When the Deva were troubled by Durgamasura, Devi Parvati assumes the form of Kalaratri and annihilated this Asura.


Devi Kalaratri

Kala here means black, and Ratri refers to night.

This form of Devi is most terrifying and fierce, and represents the most devastating aspects of Nature.

But if seen from the right perspective, this form of Devi has a Motherly aspect to it.

The word Ratri means “comfort giver”. It is derived from the root word “ram” meaning “to be or make content”.

Ratri is that which gives one comfort or rest from the 3 types of activities namely

  • Kayika or bodily actions,
  • Vachika or speech
  • Manasika or thoughts.

During night, as man sleeps and gets regenerated, all 3 types of actions are subdued and mind is completely at rest, free from all types of afflictions.

Hence night is called Ratri or the comfort giver.

Kala Ratri, Mother who brings us this comfort, is propitiated on the night of Navaratri.

Ratri also has a wider connotation here.

Let us take the example of day and night to understand this better.

During day time, only our limited world and the Sun is visible, but at night, Ratri, the whole cosmos with the countless stars are seen.

Thus Kala Ratri represents that higher wisdom that is bestowed on us, when we go beyond our limited concepts and theories.


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