Katyayani – #Navaratri #Navadurga

Katyayani is the 6th form of Navadurga, worshipped on the 6th night of Navaratri


Devi Katyayani

Once upon a time, the world was troubled by the menace of Mahishasura. Then, Shiva, Vishnu, Brahma and the other Gods came together, and from their anger emitted from their eyes arose individual flames, which formed a great effulgence. And, from this effulgence manifested Devi Katyayani, who then went on to slay Mahishasura.

Thus she is also known as Mahishasura Mardini.

Devi Katyayani was born from Anger. Anger is not always bad, and has its own place in our lives. A righteous anger is often needed to correct a situation. It is often said that a wise man’s anger brings more good than a foolish person’s love.

Devi Katyayani represents righteous anger that arises in Creation to restore and revive the principles of Truth and Righteousness.


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