Kushmanda – #Navaratri #Navadurga

Kushumanda, means a pumkin. A pumkin is in the shape of the Cosmic Egg, Hiranyagarbha.

This entire creation – both the manifest and the unmanifest – is like a huge round ball or pumpkin.

Devi Kushmanda represents the Prana, life force present throughout the universe.


Devi Kushmanda

Anda means an “Egg”, Ku means small and Sh means Energy. Which means that, this Energy pervades the entire cosmos, form the smallest to the largest.

Kushmanda, a pumpkin is said to have the unique property of absorbing Prana and also radiating Prana. It is one of the most pranic vegetables on the planet. It absorbs and also radiates energy.

Thus the term Kushmanda refers to the cosmic prana, represented by this form of Devi Kushmanda.

Her form is very much similar to that of Devi Chandraghanta, and She is worshipped on the 4th night of Navaratri.


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