Matsya Avatar – The First form of Life

Matsya Avatar is the first Avatar of Divinity Vishnu. Matsya means a fish and Avatar means to descend.

How did life descend on earth?

Matsya, Fish, The first to Descend

Evolution is known by the word Parinama in Samskrt, which means change. In India, the concept of evolution has been discussed in the sequence of Dasavatara of Vishnu, starting from the fish and evolving all the way to the intellectual human. Thus according to the Indian Theory of Evolution from the Dasavatara concept, Aquatic creatures, The Fish, Matsya was the first to emerge.

In Sync with Darwin’s Theory

It is interesting to note that, some aspects of Indian story of evolution is in sync with Charles Darwin’s story of evolution.


Charles Darwin in his theory of evolution also states that aquatic creatures were the first to come into existence, followed by amphibians and then land creatures as depicted in the Dasavatar Theory.

There is thus a similarity in the Indian thought of Evolution and the Modern Evolution theory.

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