Vasantha Navaratri

There are 4 Navaratri or transit festivals celebrated in the land. One such Navaratri celebrated in spring called as Vasanta Navaratri. This festival is celebrated in the lunar month of Chaithra. Hence, it is also called as Chaitra Navaratri. This festival starts with the vernal equinox New Year.

In Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka, it is celebrated as Ugadhi. In Maharashtra, it is celebrated as Gudi Padwa. In Sindh, where the Indus River flows into the Arabian Sea, this New Year is called as Cheti- Chand. Here again we see the concept that while the New Year is on one day, it takes a period of 9 days for a season to change. This is the conjunction period between two seasons. The conjunction, Sandhi that occurs during the spring season is celebrated as Vasanta Navaratri.

One thought on “Vasantha Navaratri

  1. Thanks for informing us that the Navaratri festival in the Indic tradition occurs four times a year to mark the transition from one season to another, each of which lasts over nine days/nights (hence the name Navaratri).

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