International Happiness Day

International Happiness Day was instituted by the United Nations in 2012, and is observed every year on March 20th.


Flawed Concept of Happiness

In today’s world, man’s happiness is dependent on external factors, such as environment, ecology, social, political and economic factors.

In simple terms, we are happy, when our wants and needs are fulfilled.

But, we remain to be unhappy, even when our all wants and necessities are met, as our mind craves for more and more, and our senses remain ever unsatisfied.

In the west, happiness is linked to materialism. In other words, happiness is directly proportional to the wealth one has, the money one accumulates, and the objects that one is able get in exchange.


Our needs may be limited, but our wants keep growing. It is here that we see that the western concept of happiness is flawed.


One of the most quoted sayings of Mahatma Gandhi is, “The world has enough for everyone’s need, but not enough for everyone’s greed.

Bhutan –The Happiest Country

It may be hard to imagine that a small country, in the Himalayan Mountains – Bhutan, accessible by only two planes is one of the happiest countries in the world.The gross national happiness which takes into account the material and spiritual balance, found that Bhutan did remarkably well in economic sphere, even though it is mainly a nation known for its spirituality, having roots in Buddhism.



One is rich, not with the amount of money that one has, but with the happiness that one is able to radiate.

Concept of happiness in India

This land, unlike the west had a different concept of happiness. In the Indian ethos, happiness comes first, and then the objects of happiness. In this sense, happiness transcends all external factors.

Santosh – Sant

The word used for happiness is Santosh. It is interesting to note that this word also refers to a saint, a Sant. A Sant is one who has dived deep into his Self, and is ever happy within himself, and is able to act from this space of intense happiness. The enlightened Sants of this land have shown us that happiness is our very nature, and need not be sought externally.

Science of spirituality

This is the science of spirituality, an important aspect of human life which we all have ignored. True happiness comes, when one stills the mind from all its wants. And when we are happy, then the actions that we perform also become perfect, leading to prosperity in other spheres as well.

Ayurveda, the Indian science of medicine, is described as a holistic science of health and happiness.

Art of Living Happiness Program

Every creature on this planet is moving towards happiness. Everyone’s pursuit is only happiness, either for oneself or for others.

The Art of Living Happiness Program is one of the popular programs founded by His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, to spread happiness among the masses, irrespective of the external factors. The happiness program takes you to the point where you effortlessly reconnect to one inexhaustible source of joy – ‘Yourself’. This program facilitates to bring harmony between, body, mind and spirit, which automatically leads to well-being and happiness.


Let us be happy

A happy life helps you to stay calm, and make better decisions, to improve the overall quality of life.

Not only on this Happiness Day, but on each day, our aim should be to strengthen our happiness by going inwards, through Yoga, and radiate happiness in our daily lives.

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