Stephen Hawking – Creation Enigma

Stephen Hawking was a theoretical physicists of our times.

Black & White photo of Hawking at NASA

Stephen Hawking

His scientific works included Hawking Radiation, Penrose – Hawking Theorems, Bekenstein – Hawking Formula, Hawking Energy, Gibbons – Hawking ansatz, Gibbons – Hawking Effect, Gibbons – Hawking space, Gibbons-Hawking-York Boundary and Thorne – Hawking-Preskill bet.

We speak about Stephen Hawking in our book, Creation – Srishti Vigyan, while discussing the enigma before Creation.

The Enigma before Creation

A couple of years ago, as was reported in a newspaper, an avid student of cosmology had asked a question of Stephen Hawking, “What existed before the Universe began?”

Meaningless Question

To this enigmatic question, Stephen Hawking’s response was, “That is a meaningless question.”

Safe answer

While the question is searching and good, the answer is also safe and right from the knowledge available with us in the modern understanding of cosmology, creation and Big Bang.

Question asked earlier and answered by Rishi

This very same question as to what happened before the cosmic egg or Hiranyagarbha broke open, seems to have occurred to the Rishi, seers of ancient India and they seem to have portrayed the answers in the form of allegories and metaphors.

Event 12.5 Ratio

Scientists are talking of events, from the moment of Big Bang. In the case of Indian rishi, while they do have a detailed description of the events from the Big Bang as they cut through the glass ceiling and go back in time, and explain the process of events that happened prior to the Big Bang, the process of events that lead to the Big Bang. This is discussed with mathematical details, of a 12.5 :12.5:12.5:12.5.


This process is discussed in the Chandogya Upanishad, as the events of Panchikarnam

During Panchikaranama, each of the 5 primordial elements Bhuta, transform into a state such that they retain 50% of their own unique character or properties and the remaining 50% is a mix of the properties of the other 4 Bhuta. i.e the remaining 50% is a combination of 1/4th parts of the properties of each of the other 4 primordial elements or Bhuta.


Panchikaranam – prevalent state

Hence each of the 5 Bhuta has the properties of the other 4 Bhuta to the extent of 12.5% each. It is when the 5 primordial elements are in their pure state, the 5 primordial elements are the PanchaBhuta.

A paradigm shift

This is the paradigm shift from the present thinking, questioning and answering of just not the events from the moment of Big Bang, but to the process that leads to the Big Bang, before time came to exist. It is this that is brought out lucidly in our book Creation-Srishti Vigyan, and also in our film. An excerpt on Stephen Hawking and Panchikarnam is also available in our short film:


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