Nicholas Copernicus

Nicholas Copernicus was an astronomer of Polish origin during the European Renaissance period, who was born on 19th February 1473.


Nicholas Copernicus

Introducing Heliocentric Model in Europe

Copernicus was the first to come up with the Heliocentric Theory in Europe i.e. all planets go around the sun. Copernicus’ theory was an important step in European astronomy. Europe had till then believed that earth was in center, all else go around earth, i.e. in a Geocentric Model.


Heliocentric Model

In Veda

In India, the Heliocentric View, that all the planets move around the sun is mentioned in the Veda, that were composed thousands of years before Copernicus.

The Indian astronomical texts have repeatedly mentioned that the planets, sun and moon are not geocentric but are heliocentric, with the sun at the center of the solar system and the earth with its moon going around it, along with other planets.


How can we say for sure that they had this heliocentric view thousands of years ago itself?

Navagraha, Around the Sun

Besides the over thousands of years old Veda, which speak about a heliocentric Solar System, the heliocentric state of the Solar System has been continuously showcased in every major temple of India in the form of the Navagraha shrine. Nava means 9 and graha refers to a planet or an occupied space.

In the Navagraha shrine, it is the sun which is at the center and the planets are placed around it.


Navagraha Shrine

And people go around this shrine as a sign of reverence to the planets and the sun.

It was a simple, clear and concise way of making the common man, understand the heliocentric concept of the Solar System.

This is not the only scientific knowledge of the ancient Indians, to have come to be accepted by the modern world.

Who knows what else we may uncover for future, If only we take the pains to wade through them and read them from their perspective!

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