Random Act of Kindness Day

Every year, 17th February is celebrated as Random Act of Kindness Day. The name ‘Random’ Kindness is peculiar as kindness is spontaneous and often random.

Kindness 1

Kindness innate to every being

The sense of kindness is innate to every being. The sense of kindness is not just limited to humans but also to the animal and plant kingdom.

In Plants

Plants offer us kindness by providing shade from the sweltering heat.

Kindness 2

Trees Provide Shelter from heat

Plants also express kindness to the animal kingdom, which includes the humans, by the succulent seasonal fruits that they offer.

Kindness 3

In Animals

Similarly, every animal also has kindness innate to them, be it an herbivore or a carnivore.

Kindness 4

Thus we see that ‘Act of Kindness’ is innate to life form itself. It is a conscious choice to be kind and not just a Random Act. Kindness is verily the nature of mankind.

While one comes across, benefits from others’ kindness and enjoy the act of kindness, let us at the same time appreciate and acknowledge the act of kindness.

Kindness in India

In Samskrt, kindness is referred to as Maitri. The concept of Maitri is ingrained in our culture and tradition from many millennia. Our texts are replete with stories of kindness.

In Purana, we have Lord Shiva in his kindness drink poison that came up during Samudra Manthan, inorder to protect our universe.

Lord Vishnu is all his kindness, accepts human kind from time to time, to establish dharma, and one of the dharmas, nature of humans is kindness.

The epic Ramayana, one of the itihasa of this land, is full of examples of compassion and kindness shown by Rama to the people who sought his help.

The Tirukural, an ancient Indian work on ethics and morality, devotes a separate chapter on kindness.

Every Moment, Every Deed

Let us not be kind only in a random manner. On this Random Act of Kindness Day, let us resolve to be kind to our fellow beings through the year and through every deed.

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