Guru Ravidas Jayanthi

Guru Ravidas was a spiritual leader in the 14th Century. His teachings of equality and brotherhood in society have been a great inspiration to the people of this land today.


Guru Ravidas

Birth and Marriage

Guru Ravidas was born in a village Govardhanpur, near Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, in a poor family. His father Santokh Das was a leather merchant.

Guru Ravidas was married to Lona and a son named Vijayadas was born.

Composing Devotional Songs

All through his family life, Guru Ravidas was never distracted from his devotional affinity. A leading composer of devotional songs, Guru Ravidas made a lasting impact on the minds of the people and helped in inculcating Bhakti, devotion to the Divine.

In Bhakti Movement

Guru Ravidas was regarded as a great Guru in the Bhakti Movement. He was a Guru to many, including Meera Bai, the famous devotee of Lord Krishna.


Meera Bai

Among other eminent people of those days who were the disciples of Guru Ravidas, was the Queen of Chittorgarh, a city in present day Rajasthan.

He is today called by title Bhagat, a terminology often used for a great devotee.


Bhagat Ravidas

In Sikhism

The songs and writings of Guru Ravidas are included in the Guru Grantha Sahib, the Holy Book of Sikhs.


Guru Ravidas and Guru Grantha Sahib


The followers of Guru Ravidas forming a separate religious sect are called Ravidassia.

Fought Untouchability

Guru Ravidas also fought against untouchability, an ill plaguing the society of his days.

Multifacet Life, An Inspiration

A social reformer, a poet, a humanist, a Spiritual leader, Guru Ravidas will continue to inspire people on the spiritual path for many generations to come.

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