Rama Kaushalya Conversation Date

Before going into exile, Rama goes to meet His mother, Rani Kaushalya and take her permission to leave for 14 years Vanavasa. A conversation takes place between them. This happened on 5th January 5089 BCE.


Kaushalya said, “If it is your father who has exiled you, I can overrule him.”

In days of yore, queens had the authority to overrule the king’s order. This was so, for a Rani or Maharani, sat on the throne, Simhasan, along with the King, Rajan.

Kaushalya’s Calm

‘But if it is Kaikeyi who has decreed, then you must go. Certainly, she would have your best interest in mind.’

Even at the time of calamity, Rani Kausalya was calm. She reasoned the situation well.

An Astute Queen

Shows that she was not just a figurehead Queen, but an astute one.

For after the demise of Raja Dasaratha and the departure of Rama, she continued to live in Ayodhya palace, with Kaikeyi and her son Bharata, who became the Regent.

5089 BCE

The above conversation between Rama and Kaushalya happened on January 5th, 5089 BCE on the day of Rama’s coronation.

More on this in our book and film, “Historical Rama”.

Rama_s Pre Coronation Date 4

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