International Migrants Day


International Migrants Day observed on 18th December was proclaimed by the UN General Assembly from the year 2000.

Migration is not something new. Migrations exist among fishes, birds and animals. We have seen enough movies on this.

Similarly, one of the most recurring, unfailing migration is that of humans.

Every 26,000 years, along with the oscillation of earth as ice ages and warm ages come and go, human migrations occur. Apart from this, there are migrations that constantly happen due to natural calamities and political disturbances.


Migration is not just limited to these hapless people coming out of these disturbances, natural and manmade. Migration is an innate part of Nature and every one of us is subject to it.

This day is to help us recognize this fact and treat migrants with respect.

Migration is thus a constant occurrence all over the world for one reason or the other.

The Parsis from Persia to escape persecution migrated to India in the year 700 CE to 900 CE.

Jews have been migrants in different parts of the world and who in 1950s migrated back to the Promised Land to create Israel.

From India, there were migrations when the Sarasvati river in the North West of India, dried up, leaving an entire flourishing civilization with no other option but to migrate in all directions both within India and to lands outside the then India.

There have been migrations from India right through Islamic conquests and colonial rule when Indian people were relocated to other foreign lands under political, economical and social pressures that prevailed then.

Then again, there was migration from India at the time of partition 1947.

In 1990, it happened to the Pundits of Kashmir within India itself.

The Bangladeshi migrants are spilling over into India now.

The Sri Lankan Tamil Migrants is a big issue.

The Hindu migrants of Pakistan is an issue not much spoken of in the media, but nevertheless is a reality of today.

There have also been migrations from India with a more altruistic purpose– that of spreading culture and knowledge.

There continues migration even today from India, to India and all across the world in pursuit of education, job opportunities and the heart’s calling.

Migration and migrants are a never ending saga.

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