Kashmir Accession Day

Kashmir Solution, Viz – a – Viz Pakistan 4:4


Accession Day, is the day commemorating the accession of Jammu and Kashmir to the Dominion of India, when Maharaja Hari Singh signed the Instrument of Accession, on 26th October 1947.

Kashmir A Festering Wound

Kashmir is one of the festering problems that India has to bear with for centuries to come. A legacy of Jawahar Lal Nehru mishandling the situation.

Kashmir 1

One of 97 Blunders of Nehru

Kashmir has been described as, one among the 97 Major Blunders of Nehru, which has been published in a book, of the same name.

Kashmir 2

This is a well known problem. No use crying over spilt milk.

What is the prudent, surgical way forward?

What is the immediate way forward for this generation in Kashmir?

4:4 Solution

We offer a 4:4 Solution.

The state of Jammu and Kashmir can be divided into 4 portions.

  1. Kashmir Valley
  2. Jammu
  3. Rest of Kashmir
  4. Ladakh

When we are able to lay our rightful claim on the areas of Gilgit, Balistan, POK and Aksai Chin over the next few decades, then they can form other portions of the state.

Kashmir 3

The state needs to be segregated into these 4 administrative units, having their own Chief Ministers, Governors, and Assemblies.

This way we can surgically isolate the problems that the Sunni Muslims are creating in the Kashmir valley.

We need to handle what needs to be handled in a localized manner.

So that, the other three regions can progress peacefully.

This should be the “4 approach” of India, for the state of Jammu and Kashmir.

In Pakistan too – 4:4

A similar 4 point approach needs to be followed for Pakistan as well.

East Pakistan – Bangladesh – 1971

The 1970 generation of Indians, of Smt. Indira Gandhi, Field Marshal. General Sam Manekshaw, Lieutenant General Jagjit Singh Arora, and Major General Jacob Farj Rafael who led operation Torrent, and their ilk, split Pakistan into two countries, namely Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Kashmir 4

Indian army enters East Pakistan

Kashmir 5

Pakistan Army lays down arms

Target for 2020 generation

The generation 2020, should aim at dividing Pakistan, i.e West Pakistan into 4 Countries.

  1. West Punjab
  2. Sind
  3. Balochistan
  4. North West Frontier provinces

This should be a clear stated policy and aim of India.

Kashmir 6

This will substantially reduce the pressure tactics that Pakistan administration is today pursuing as a state policy, towards inciting, violence, stone pelting, terrorism and separatism, cross border terror funding in Kashmir.

Can India have such a state policy of dividing Pakistan into 4?

Answer to “1000 Cuts” policy of Pakistan

Pakistan has a stated policy of inflicting 1000 cuts on India. Bharat Ko Tukade Tukade Karenga is an oft heard phrase in Pakistan.

When this neighboring country has such a policy, why cannot we adopt this policy of dividing Pakistan into 4, which it anyway was before independence in 1947?

This will not only obliterate the draconian state of Pakistan, with its terror network, but will also help in the better administration and development of newly formed state countries, erstwhile Pakistan.

This way we can ensure that they don’t poke into our affairs, and cause us to bleed.

Will bring Vikas, End Terrorism

We mean well for the citizens of Pakistan, who are after all, our separated brethren.

For, after all, all the citizens in both countries, India and Pakistan have been brothers of the Bharat civilization, from time immemorial to as recently as 70 years back.

This 4:4 approach to Kashmir and Pakistan, will bring in peace and development to these regions, for decades and centuries to come.

We wish our brethren in Kashmir and Pakistan, Vikas, progress and development and not terrorism.

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