Deepavali and Fireworks – Bharath Gyan MiniBook

The Deepavali and Fireworks Connect :  Deepavali&Fireworks – An MiniBook.

A Fiery Debate In Recent Times

While firecrackers are used on many occasions today in India such as weddings, welcoming of dignitaries, victory in sports, matches and elections, get-togethers, Christmas, New Year and other festivals and celebrations, it has for long been primarily associated with the Deepavali festival.

However in recent times many have started debating on whether it is right to celebrate using fireworks which end up polluting and also causing accidents and it is often Deepavali which gets targeted since one cannot imagine a Deepavali without fireworks.

The answer to this debate lies in examining,

  • How firecrackers form part of Deepavali tradition?
  • Are firecrackers native to India?
  • How far back does the tradition go?

For more access our MiniBook : Deepavali and Fireworks : Deepavali&Fireworks



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