International Stammering Awareness Day

International Stammering Day is observed every year on October 22nd to raise awareness on stammering.



The word ‘stammer’ comes from the old English word stamerian, meaning to stumble.

What is Stammering?

Stammering, also called Stuttering is to speak with sudden involuntary pauses with a tendency to repeat the initial letters of words. In other words, it is to stumble over ones words.

From Commonmen to Greats

It is estimated that around 1% of the World population suffer from this speech disorder. Many people, from common men to greats have suffered from stammering.

The King’s Speech

There is a famous English film, The King’s Speech on the English King George IV, who addressed his people on Radio during World War-2, inspite of this impediment.

                        King George VI                                             The movie on the stammering King Geroge VI

 Organizations on Stammering

There are many organizations across the world for people who stammer. They are

  • Indian Stammering Association
  • International Stuttering Association
  • American Institute for Stuttering
  • British Stammering Association
  • European League of Stuttering Association

The Indian Stammering Association

It is said that around 12 million people in India stammer. The Indian Stammering Association was formed in the year 2009, with the idea of help these people who stammer. They help by organizing self-help workshops, educating people on breathing and other techniques that help to control stammer.

Stammering 4

The logo of The Indian Stammering Association

Temporary Stammering

Temporary stammering also results from stress. The Indian Stammering Association also holds workshops on dissolving this stress and thereby stammering.

Indian Institute of Speech and Hearing

Indian Institute of Speech and Hearing, Mysore, is another institution that has been doing yoeman service in alleviating the ailment.

Treatments on Stammering

There are many treatments for stammering. A certified Speech language pathologist has to first diagnose the stammering as the complexes of this disorder is not easy for ordinary listeners to detect. There is no everlasting cure for stammering, but there are treatments that can bring the speech in control to some extent.

Among these treatments are,

  • Fluency Shaping Treatment,
  • Modification Treatment,
  • Diaphragmatic Breathing and
  • Electronic Fluency Device

Events on International Stammering Association Day

Many awareness programs and events are organized on this day on stammering by the above and other organizations. The International Stuttering Association organizes and online conference every year from October 1st to October 22nd to involve the stammering community and discuss the issues relating to stammering. Sensitivities of stammering are conveyed, reminding people that stammering is not something funny and to be laughed at.

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