Police Commemoration Day


The Central Police Reserve Force (CRPF) is India’s largest armed Police Force that comes under the Home ministry.

Police Commemoration Day 1

The Logo of CRPF

CRPF jawans die fighting Chinese aggression

On 21st October, 1959, 10 jawans of the CRPF lost their lives thwarting the Chinese aggression at Hot Springs in Leh.

Police Commemoration Day 2

Hot Springs in Leh

Police Commemoration day

In memory of these valiant officers and also those officers before and after them who laid down their lives for their nation, this day is observed as police commemoration day to pay homage to the martyrs.

Police Commemoration Day 3

Indian CRPF jawans

2000 CRPF officers sacrificed their lives

The clarion call of the CRPF police offices is, desh ke ham hai rakshak.

So far over 2000 CRPF officers have laid down their lives for the safety of our nation.

Salute the martyrs

We salute our martyrs and their families.

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