Global Iodine Deficiency Disorder Prevention Day

Global Iodine Deficiency Disorders Prevention Day is observed on 21st October every year across the world to create awareness on preventing iodine deficiency.


Iodine comes from the French word, Iode, meaning violet coloured.

Iodine 1


Iodine Deficiency

Iodine deficiency leads to

  • Abortions,
  • Stillbirths,
  • Congenita Anomolies,
  • Brain damage,
  • Physical and Mental retardation,
  • Deafness,
  • Dumbness,
  • Psychomotor defects,
  • Goitre and
  • Hypothyroidism.

Prevents all disorders

Sea salt apart from sodium also provides us with Iodine which prevents all the above disorders.

Iodine naturally available

Iodine is naturally available to us from the sea water. It is also abundantly available in sea weeds.

Iodine 2

Salty Sea Water

Iodine Smell in Sea Breeze

Sometimes when we walk by the beach, we can get a waft of Iodine smell along with the sea breeze.

From Natural Iodine to Artificial Iodine

For centuries and millennia, we have been having normal doses of sea salt in our food, which has ensured that we do not get the above anomalies.

In the last few decades, in the name of cleaning the sea salt, we have been removing the natural Iodine from the natural sea salt. Post this, we have been adding artificial Iodine as a supplement. Natural salt with Iodine is essential for our health and well being.

Salts mined in Hills lack Iodine

While Iodine is abundantly available in sea salt, the salt that is mined in the hills is lacking in Iodine.

Himalayas and Alps

In the mountains like Himalayas and Alps which were once under sea many millennia ago, the trapped salt is mined.

Iodine 3The Himalayas                                              The Alps

Salzburg City

The famous city of Salzburg was built around the economy of salt that was mined in the bowels of the Alps Mountains.

Iodine 4

Salzburg City, Austria

Iodine 5

Salzburg City, Austria

In these mountain salts, the natural Iodine content is lacking.

Salt Pans

Salt mined from salt pans contain Iodine. Salt Pans are many acres of salt left over when huge bodies of salt water evaporates, leaving behind the salt.

Iodine 6

A Salt Pan

Importance of Iodine

On this Iodine Deficiency Prevention Day, let us understand the importance of Iodine in Nature, in Sea, in Health.

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