World Mental Health Day

How often we have heard “Health is Wealth”! Traditionally, it has been good health which has been looked up to as being the real wealth in this land. Dhan, wealth is of two types. One Dhan is the material wealth – land, natural resources, gold, silver, luxuries, and such others. These are all ever flowing wealth as they do not stick to one place. They are constantly in circulation, with us today, gone tomorrow. The other wealth is the wealth of health. The knowledge of good health is Ayurveda.


The World Health Organization has defined health.

Mental Helalth 1

Mental Helalth 2

From the above definition, it is also clear that mental health comprises of our psychologial and emotional well being, and not just the absence of various mental illnesses.


Ayurveda also defines health in similar terms. The relevant sloka being,

Mental Helalth 3

Mental Helalth 4

Five sensory organs                                       The Balance

The Breaking / Reversal of illness

When there is ill health be it in the body or in the mind we need to break the cycle of ill health and reverse it to good health, through medicine or other yogic practices like meditation.

Mental Helalth 7

Here we see in Ayurveda, Satvavajya is a focus in taking care of mental health and a satvic process to nurse it back.

Meditation facilitates Mental health

Meditation facilitates good mental health, by reducing stress, anxiety and depression, by balancing the various faculties of the mind.

Mental Helalth 8

Meditation balances the mind

Modern View

In modern medicine, in recent times, there is a new attention to mental health where well being is not limited to the body of the affected person, and that we must also heal the mind, is gaining credence.

Mental health is crucial

Thus we see that mental health is an important aspect of our health. The UN instituted this day from 1992, and is observed annually on October 10th as it felt that stress levels were increasing among masses due to work pressure and other factors. Mental health is a crucial aspect in our daily performance, and directly linked to our overall welfare and the welfare of the society.

Mental Helalth 9

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