Devi Skandamata – #Navaratri #Navadurga

Skanda Mata is the name of Devi Parvati as the mother of Skanda, or Karthikeya. Shiva’s and Parvati’s energies combined to give birth to Skanda, who killed Taraksura.


Devi Skanda Mata

Skanda represents the coming together of Jnana Shakti, power of knowledge, and Kriya Shakti power of righteous action.

The Shiva Tattva is the blissful principle, ever calm and disengaged from action, and represents wisdom. The Devi Tattva is the primordial energy responsible for action and activity in creation.

Skandamata is the One who gives birth to the action oriented Knowledge, here represented by Skanda or Karthikeya. Lord Skanda is simultaneously a Jnani, as well as a warrior.

There are aspects in our life of which we have much knowledge, but there is no action to complement this knowledge, due to sloth, lack of opportunity, fear etc. Then there are situations where we act much, without any knowledge, leading to bad results.

Skanda signifies the coming together of action and knowledge.

An action that is guided by knowledge, comes from the Skanda Tattva.

And, Devi Skandamata is the Mother of this Skanda Tattva.

The 5th night of Navaratri is dedicated to this aspect of the Devi.


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