Surgical Strike Day

India under Modi government of 2014 carried out two surgical strikes, to send a strong message to terrorists and to let people know that the country can defend itself.

Surgical Strike Day

Surgical Strike At Indo-Myanmar Border

On 10th June 2015, Indian Army conducted surgical strikes against the terrorist camps along the Indo-Myanmar border and killed around 158 terrorists. This was after the terrorists had martyred 18 Army Jawans. This was the first time that India showed that it could respond effectively to the enemy and strike them right at their den.


Surgical Strike At Pak Occupied Kashmir (PoK)

After this, came the Surgical Strike in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (POK) in September 2016. Pakistan, from its militant launch pads, across the Line of Control, had been sending terrorists into Jammu and Kashmir, for many years now. These terrorists used to sneek into the Indian Territory and carry our terrorist attacks on the civilians and the Army. One such major terrorist attack was on the Uri Camp of Indian Army in September 2016, martyring many Indian soldiers.

Indian Army decided to respond appropriately and carried out surgical strike in POK on 29th September 2016, by crossing over into the enemy territory and destroying many terrorist launch pads.

The option of surgical strike was resorted to in the wake of increase in infiltration attempts.

In this Surgical Strike, carried out by the Indian Army, 38 terrorists were annihilated and their camps destroyed.


Indian Soldiers in Action during the Surgical Strike

Leaving aside reactive rhetoric, New India has shown that it can respond effectively to terrorism.

Military Strength, Political Will and Moral Character

The difference in New India, is

  • the manner in which it has gone ahead and carried out such Surgical Strikes and
  • the manner in which it has acted, post these Surgical Strikes.

All along from 1947, when Pakistan separated from India, it has been a well-known fact across the globe that Pakistan has been trying to instigate and cause disturbances in India.

Israel too has been facing similar situations from its neighbours from a similar period of time. Isreal is known for having carried out repeated surgical strikes to handle their issue, including the famous Operation Entebbe, a successful counter-terrorist and hostage-rescue mission carried out by commandos of the Israel Defence Forces (IDF) all the way, at Entebbe Airport in Uganda on 4 July 1976, when Uganda openly offered support to the hijackers of the Air France plane carrying 98 Jews and Israelis.


Entebbe Strike

In Pakistan itself, when USA was sure of the hiding location of Osama Bin Laden in Abbottabad, they carried out a surgical strike as a war on terror.

Despite having a lot of proof, while India had the military capacity, India had refrained all along from launching Surgical Strikes near its borders.

With these 2 Surgical Strikes, India in a decisive and bold manner cleansed India’s North West and North East borders of frequent terror attacks that India has had to suffer for so long.

However, after carrying out the strike at PoK, India informed the Pakistani authorities through proper channel about the strike, before informing the world.

Likewise, in the case of the Myanmar strike, after the event, India took care to have a joint meeting with the Myanmar authorities.

Thus India demonstrated

  1. military strength and political will to carry out the strikes and
  2. character to follow due processes with the other nation, post the strike.

These highlight the strength of character which is becoming the hallmark of the emerging New India.

More on Surgical Strike, in our book, Knowing New India.


Parakram Parv

We need to celebrate this day of Surgical Strike every year as Parakram Parv, to remind us of this successful valiant action of our soldiers, and support that the government of the day provided to their soldiers.

The youth should be encouraged to write articles, enact skits in schools, conduct special NCC and NSS programs in schools, create paintings of our soldiers, compose poems and so on to express solidarity with our soldiers.

That will be an apt way of showing our gratitude to our Army, who have always stood forth in protecting our territory.

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