Hyderabad Under Nizams

The state of Hyderabad was seized from Nizam rulers on 17th September 1948 by the Indian Army in an operation called “POLO”. On November 1, 1956, the place was merged with the Andhra State during the reorganization of Indian states.

Hyderabad in the days of the Nizam had a wall surrounding the city. The circumference of this was 24 km. It had 13 gates, door, darvasa. And 13 windows, khidki.

As was the norm in those days, these gates were opened at dawn and closed at dusk. The construction of this was started by the Kutub Shahi and completed by Asafjah 1 in 1740. It took over 600 years for this wall and gates to be built. There is an interesting legend about Purana Pul Darvaza bridge that was built in 1358 13 years before the Char Minar.

The then sultan, Sultan Ibrahmi, Qutub Shah found out that his son, Prince Mohammed Quili was regularly passing the Musi River to meet his love Bhagmati who lived across the river. Fording this river in monsoons was dangerous.

For the safety of the heir apparent, the Sultan then built the Purana Pul Darvaza and bridge. To ensure the safety of the prince to quietly support him in his Romantic liaison, the sultan built the Purana Pul Darvza and the bridge.

A more pragmatic reason could have been that this bridge connected the older city of Golconda to newly being built Hyderabad. Of course later, Mohammed Kuli did marry Bhagmati in 1589 and they jointly founded the city of Hyderabad.

Instead of keeping the forts and the gates as a testimony to the flow history, in 1850s, then administrators of Hyderabad for these walls then 200 year old gates as hindrance for the movement of people and goods and passed a firman for the public dismantled the wall. Whatever remained of this was washed away in a big flood that affected much of Hyderabad in 1908.

It is this city Hyderabad along with its prosperous lands around that made Nizam one of the richest rulers of the world at the turn of 1900s.

What is this left of this walls and gates is only the Purana Pul Darvaza.  The term Purana Pul Darvaza means “gateway to the past”.

Ironically, this is now the only remaining gateway to the past.

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