Hanuman’s return from Lanka – 14th September, 5076 BCE

Hanuman, after meeting Sita and going on a rampage over the capital city of Lanka and setting it on fire, returns back across the sea, to where his other friends of the search party were waiting for him.

During this return journey, Hanuman observes the stars in the early morning sky, which are mentioned in a sloka in the Ramayana text.

  • The Sun and Moon are shining together.
  • Mars and Jupiter are shining.
  • Also seen are Pushya Cancer, Swati Virgo, Airavat elephant of Indra corresponding to Scorpio.

These observations, when plotted in the Planetarium software, show these star observations to be of the morning succeeding, Hanuman’s meeting with Sita, thus validating both these events and their dates, which were arrived at independently.

Hanuman thus returned from Lanka on 14th September, 5076 BCE.

Hanuman’s return from Lanka 1.jpg

Hanuman’s return from Lanka 2.jpg

Hanuman’s Return from Lanka – 14th September 5076 BCE

Observation at 6.30 a.m.

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