South South Cooperation Day

North Countries more developed

The concept of South-South here implies that the countries of the South are developing or underdeveloped.

This day is to earmark a day of cooperation between the developing countries. This also implies that countries of the north are more developed than countries of the South. The countries of the north have been developed in the last century or so.

South South Cooperation.jpg

South South Cooperation

Wealth derived from Colonization of South countries

Where did they suddenly get the influx of money for this development?

Economic historians now clearly state that this influx came from colonizing these South, tropical countries and thereby sucking out their prosperity. When we look historically through centuries, it is so called South, that is, the tropical countries that were naturally prosperous.

Reestablishing the prosperity of South Countries

The time has now come again for the South countries to reestablish back their natural prosperity. It is in this light that the South-South cooperation day should be looked at as reasserting their path to prosperity which they have naturally had for many millennia and not for a day to come together and ask for aid from the northern countries. A shift in mindset would lead to a shift in prosperity.

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