International Literacy Day

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Literacy Day

September 8th was proclaimed International Literacy day by the UNESCO in 1965 to remind people of the importance of literacy.

Literacy, etymology

The word “literacy, literate” is derived from the latin word “litera”, meaning “letter”. Litera was the one who “knew the letters”, referring to those who could read.

Lipi, Kshara, Akshara

In Samskrt, we have the word ‘lipi’ which means “script, written word”.

In Samskrt, letters are also called Akshara. Kshara is that which is perishable, melts away. Akshara means that which is indestructible. Once written, the thought is etched in time.

Indus Valley script

The Indus Valley Script, etched in clay tablets, is one of the oldest scripts in the world going back to 6000 years and more.

Medium to carry thought

What one thinks, is put down in script such that, when this script is read, it conveys the same thought to the reader. The letters, literals, lipi, akshara act as the medium to carry a thought across to many, across times.

Literature – A Bridge to connect people

Literacy and literature play the role of a bridge, a setu that connects people and allows them to share knowledge, ideas.

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