Teacher’s Day Vs Guru Utsav

The Government of India has announced that Teacher’s day is to be celebrated as Guru Utsav. A welcome move! While there is a distinct difference between teacher and guru, why is this a welcome move?

A teacher is one who educates the student in modern world. It is through education that we effort to dispel ignorance. A Guru is one who dispels darkness and ignorance with knowledge.

In the modern era, a teacher is given not much respect but is instead looked up to, for the limited professional role that he / she plays and more often than not, only for a commerical purpose, for a pecuniary return.

It is because of this attitude both among the teacher and the student, that the role of the teacher has now come down from the exhalted pedestral. It is time to once again bring to light the role of a teacher.

In the name of globalization, in the garb of westernization of education, the students and teachers have ended up as equals.

With the naming of Teacher’s Day as Guru Utsav, we can bring back the pride among the teachers in their noble profession and make the teachers the role model for their students. Teachers are the one who interact a lot with the students and mould them when they can be moulded. Only when there is respect in the relationship will the moulding of the student be worthy.

To receive, the receiving hand must be held lower than the giver’s hand. Otherwise it becomes an act of taking or plucking.

Hence to receive the best knowledge from a teacher, the teacher has to be put on a higher pedestal as Guru.

guru utsav



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