Navroz is celebrated in the July-August to mark Persian, Parsi New Year. The New Year is calculated based on the Parsi calendar, Shahenshahi.

Navroz is also celebrated on March 21st, on Vernal Equinox day, every year, to mark the first day of Spring.

Nav is new both in Samskrt and Persian. The English word ‘New’ also has same root. Ancient civilizations were connected.

This festival is celebrated not only among Parsis in Iran, but in many countries like Syria, Kazakistan, Turkey and Azerbaijan.


When the Parsis were persecuted in Persia, a small group came to India for refuge. The Parsis community has since prospered In India and observe all their festivals including Navroz every year.

The Parsi calendar has only 360 days, compared to Gregorian calendar having 365 days.

Before New Year, a 10 day mourning period is observed. The Parsis believe that the departed souls come to earth during these 10 days.

The New Year is a time for celebration, ending the mourning period. On Navroz day Parsi families visit fire temples, early for their morning prayers. The usual practice is to donate sandalwood to the priest to be offered in fire.

Another aspect of the festival is feasting. Many Parsi sweets like Satarfenis and Jilabis are exchanged.


Feast for Navroz

The families visit each other, dine together and display their cultural unity. Gifts are given away.


Parsi Family feasting together

Family prayers are also conducted.


Prayers being conducted on Navroz

On Navroz Day, a special tradition of Churshama Kulla is followed where people jump over fire.


The practice of jumping over fire on Navroz

Renew Friendship

The celebration of Navroz has got a noble thought in it. Let us all on this occasion, being Parsi or not, observe and genuinely repent for our misdeeds, harsh words, so that we move forward with all members of this world happily. Let us use this day, this occasion to renew our friendships and move forward as this world is one happy family.


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