Hayagriva Jayanthi

Hayagriva Jayanthi

Hayagriva is an Indian divinity who has the head of a horse, Haya. The word “Griva” means neck. It is from this word “Griva” that we get the word “Giraffe” for it has a very long neck.

                                                 Hayagriva Jayanthi1

Vali’s brother Sugriva is said to have had a beautiful neck, griva.

Hayagriva is venerated as a divinity of learning. Hayagriva is an embodiment of Vishnu who is venerated for the powers of learning and education for He restored the Veda in an earlier aeon, Yuga. Hayagriva is a zoomorphic image expressing a concept, tattva of the Indian knowledge system.

Hayagriva denotes the capacity to grasp and disseminate knowledge loud and clear.

Forgotten India: Konark Sun Temple in Orissa (13th Century) has a carving of Giraffe.


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