International Left Hander’s Day

Lefties not inferior

A day for left-handers! Aha! In modern parlance, left has got a connotation of being less than equal. So, certainly we need a day for the left handers to say that the lefties are no way inferior.

Left Hander 1

Dexterity, Daksha

Dexterity is a matter of capability of the hands. The words “Dexterity, Dexterous” trace their roots to the Latin word “Dexter”, meaning skillful, which in turn is etymologically similar to Daksha, the Prajapati in Indian legends.


Daksha is a Prajapati, a progenitor. The word Daksha means one who is capable, strong, competent, skillful and who can lead. Daksha is probably the earliest recorded person, equally skilled with both hands.

Left Hander 2

Daksha Prajapathi


Arjuna is one of the earliest recorded ambidextrous person. He was called Sabyasachi, meaning ambidextrous. Even now people are named Sabyasachi in India in memory of the first recorded ambidextrous person in History of the world.

Left ideology

The communists are derisively called as “leftists” which is given as a left-handed complement. They have accepted this complement as their ideology being inferior.

Left Handed excellence

There are many left handed persons who excelled in different parts of the world including sports and music where their left handed posture is clearly to see for one and all.

Left Hander 3

Left Hander 4

Left Handers displaying their skills in their unique left handed postures

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