Balochistan Independence Day

Balochistan Independence

Balochistan became an Independent state after 100 years of British rule. The tripartite agreement between Balochistan, Pakistan and the British to grant independence to Balochistan was formally announced on August 11, 1947.

Balochistan Occupied

But this independence was short lived as Balochistan was recaptured by Pakistan 7 months later.

Were Keen to Join India

In 1947, Khan Sahib of Balochistan and people of Balochistan, showed interest to join India, but Jawahar Lal Nehru dismissed it of by commenting that Balochistan was far away.

If Pakistan could have been in two wings, India also have had two portions, with Balochistan being a far west province.

Doesn’t USA have a far west province in Alaska? Did Americans give it away, citing that the region was far away?

This is one of the 97 blunders of Nehru, which has been published as a book. After 70 years we see that, China has evinced interest in the Gwadar port and wants to make it one of the key sea port hubs in the Arabian Sea. India through Nehru, lost a place of strategic importance in Balochistan.

A Buffer State

From time immemorial, Balochistan has been a buffer state between Indian civilization and Persian civilization. Buffer state is a country between two major countries which facilitates friendship between two big countries.

Natives of Western India

The Baluchis who were natives of western most part of India. This region was known as Balochistan, the native place of the Balochis. This region was a land of many important rivers such as Zhob, Nari, Bolan, Pishin, Lora, and Mula.

baloch 1.jpg

Balochistan Region

Balochistan and India, Connection


Baluchi is the language of the Baluch people and is seen to be very similar to Samskrt.

Shakti Peetha

The Shakti Peetha extend from Tripura in the east to Baluchistan in the west, all part of the land of Bharatha. Hinglaj is an important Shakti Peetha located in Balochistan. The annual four day pilgrimage to the Hinglaj Shakti Peetha is organized every April.


Shakti Peetha in India

Pishey Art Work

Baluch people are known for their Pishey art work, out of which a variety of works like bags, shoes, hats and baskets are made.


Kadar Khan, Amjad Khan and Raj Kumar, famous Bollywood actors have their origin from Balochistan.


Muslim League

In early 1940s, Mohammed Ali Jinnah and the Muslim league were flexing their muscle for an independent Pakistan for Muslims.


Muslim league


Mohammed Ali Jinnah

Direct action

Since the 1940s, many have been of the opinion that the freedom fighters of India then let down the Balochis in their plea to be with the Indians.

Taken aback by the call for direct action by Jinnah which unleashed violence across many parts of India. The congress leaders were then forced to succumb to the demands of Muslim league. In retrospect, this direct action and the violence that followed directly on the Hindus does not seem much different from jihads by some of the narrow minded fanatics.

If Pakistan could get two options one in the west and other in the east as East Pakistan, then why could the Balochi region not have joined India as a separate geographical entity in the far west region of the land?

The Balochis since 1948 of being forcefully captured by Pakistan has been continuously clamoring for being an independent country. The struggle of Balochis is observed every day.

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