Vallam Kali Boat Race

The Vallam Kali Boat Race is held every year in the Punnamada lake of Alleppy district, Kerala. Vallam Kali in the local language means boat race. This tradition of boat race here has been prevalent for many centuries.

Vallam Kali 1.jpg

Nehru Trophy Boat Race

Chundan Vallam Kali

The major attraction of this event is Chundan Vallam Kali, meaning Snake Boat Race.  When these boats move fast, they seem like huge crawling snakes in water.

Vallam Kali 2.jpg

Chundan Vallam Kali, Snake Boat Race

Nehru as Chief Guest

In 1952, the then Prime Minister, Jawahar Lal Nehru was the chief guest at the event. Nehru thoroughly enjoyed sailing in a snake boat.

Nehru Trophy

He gave a special trophy to be awarded to winner of the competition.

Vallam Kali 3

Nehru presenting the trophy on the occasion of Boat Race, 1952

Vallam Kali 4

The current Nehru Trophy of the Boat Race

From then on, this event is popularly known as the Nehru Trophy Boat Race, conducted on the second Saturday of every August.

Other Boats

Apart from the Chundan Vallam, Snake Boats, the other boats of this event are Odi Vallam, Veppu Vallam, Kochu Vallam and Churulan Vallam.


The preparations for this event are made atleast two months before. A selection process is conducted to choose the best oarsmen who would represent their respective villages in the event. The practice sessions are held many weeks in advance. Arrangements are made with people who would like to contribute towards feeding the participants and the masses during the event.

The whole race course is about 1370 metres, divided into many tracks in the lake for the competition.

Communal Amity

One of the specialities of this event is that, people of all communities participate, bringing about communal amity.

Inaugural function

The festival begins with a procession of a variety of snake boats. The numerous beaded umbrellas are held aloft in each boat. The different patterns of these umbrellas give a colourful look to the lake.

Vallam Kali 5

Vallam Kali Snake Boat procession

Many aspects of the cultural heritage of Kerala is depicted, with artists performing kathakali, theyyam, panchavadyam, and padayani.

The Race

After the inaugural function, the snake boats are lined up at the starting point of the race. Roars from crowd are heard when the go ahead is given for the race.

Vallam Kali 6

The Vallam Kali Event

Each snake boat races through hissing like a snake, with crowds cheering up their respective village participants.

All through the event, many people from different parts of the state come together and make this a grand event in Kerala.

Vallam Kali 7

A scene from Vallam Kali Boat Race

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