Bharat Mata

We look at the land of India as Mother India, which in local parlance is called Bharat Mata. We not only revere our motherland as our Mother, but look upon the whole World as our Mother.

In the Indian thought, we look upon our planet as Mother Earth, and refer to Her as Bhu Maa Devi, Bhu meaning “One who can bear”, for she bears us.

While all the planets like Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and also the Sun and the Moon are expressed as masculine, it is only earth that is expressed as feminine, in the Indian thought. This is because only Earth supports life.

From time immemorial, this concept of the land, earth and country being feminine has been a part of the ethos of this land, and is ingrained in the Vedic and Puranic thought. Bhu Sutra is one of the Veda Samhita on Mother Earth.

Bharat Mata

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