Yeti – Elusive and Benign

Indian Army has sighted something peculiar in the Himalayas.  On April 30th, 2019, they came upon 32 inch footprints at the Makalu basecamp in the snow borne Himalayan ranges.

They have put up the image of this huge footprint in the public domain, and have also sent the same to subject matter experts to study the phenomenon.

Makalu is the fifth highest peak in the world located in Nepal-China border, going upto 8485 metres. Makalu basecamp is the place from where trek to the Makalu Mountain is undertaken.

The mountaineering expedition team of the Indian Army, who were on an expedition to Makalu sighted these footprints at a height of 3500 metres.

Makalu Barun National park is the popular site where these footprints have been sighted from time to time, but footprints in such large numbers have been sighted only now by the Indian Army.

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