Rama Setu – A Short Film

On this occasion of Ramanavami, here is another short film – “Rama Setu – An Engineering Marvel of 5076 BCE”, by Bharath Gyan, which has crossed 25 lakh views on You Tube.

Rama Setu, the oldest man-made bridge of our civilization, is a civil engineering marvel of 5076 BCE. This bridge is believed to have been built by Rama and His team. Only if Rama is historical could this bridge be man-made. If the bridge is proved to be man-made, then Rama has to be Historical.

This film brings to light the layers of bridge construction and the month and the year when the Rama Setu was built.

Watch it and share it with others. It is not just another story but a 7100 year old engineering marvel of our civilization.

4 thoughts on “Rama Setu – A Short Film

  1. Yes, Ramasetu is wonderful man made bridge. Visited few years ago to Dhanuskodi, and seen this setup. I like this video and article and illustration. Thanks.

  2. Please acknowledge Dr. Narhari Achar, professor of physics at the University of Memphis, Tennessee, whose work you have used in your video. It was he who conducted the research using the Planetarium Software & identified Sri Rama’s Birth date & other dates based on the observations in the Ramayana

    • Yes Dr. Narhari Achar for the dates of Mahabharatha & Historical Krishna. We acknowledge his research and contributions in our book Historical Krishna. For Historical Rama we respect and acknowledge Late Sri Pushkar Bhatnagar of Delhi whom we have interviewed and put in our film Historical Rama and acknowledged with respect, with image in our book Historical Rama.

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