Indo – Russia – A Connect Over Millennia

Indo Russia Connect – eBook :

India is an ancient civilization that lies in the tropics. It is a sub-continent by itself. Russia is an old land that straddles two continents, Europe and Asia. In comparison to the tropical, hot and humid land of India, Russia is a cold country that borders the Arctic Circle.

While they are geographically apart, there are many factors that connect these two lands, these two peoples, from ancient times to modern times.

Climatewise, there is a large contrast.

The nature of people living in the tropics, by nature, is quite different from the nature of people, living closer to the Arctics.

The climate does effect, not just the skin colour, lifestyle, clothing, food habits, but also thinking, response to situations and other such faculties.

Inspite of these vast differences, there are interesting similarities and many points of connect between these two people, these two lands and these two civilizations.

The connect is in language, art, theatre, technology, culture and many other facets.

When the people can see these connects, laid out one after another, the bond can grow stronger.

A civilizational connect appears!

In this book, we celebrate the connect, the similarities, the commonalities, between these two, to create a bond, a bandhan at a people to people level.

For civilizational connects form and have been, at a people to people level.

Indo – Russia Connect is part of the Connect Series, under Autobiography of India, which so far include,

  1. Indo – Russia Connect
  2. Indo – Japan Connect
  3. Indo – China Connect
  4. Indo – Americas Connect
  5. Indo  – Israel Connect
  6. Indo – Seychelles connect

Indo – Japan connect has been published as a book, while the others are available as ebooks and articles.

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