Repeated Embarrassment

US has been one ally of Pakistan that has supported its economy and built its military at multiple levels. But this ally of US has let them down many times, especially on the battle front.

America over the last 50 years and more has been consistently backing this failure horse, who has failed them multiple times.

The latest has been the downing of the Pakistan owned American F-16 by India’s Mig-21.

In 1965

In the 1965 war with Pakistan, Indian Cannons mounted on Jeeps blasted out Pakistan Patton Tanks, which Pakistan had procured from its closest ally then, the United States of America,

India’s Cannon mounted Jeeps that blasted the Pakistan Patton tanks

All the captured Patton tanks are proudly displayed at the entrance to Indian Defence establishments. US has asked us many to remove these Patton tanks, as it hurts them. 

Captured Patton tanks of Pakistan army, Hyderabad

In 1971

In 1971 Bangladesh liberation War, Indian Gnats blasted out Pakistan Sabre Jets, which were provided by the US.

Pakistan Sabre Jets in Srinagar, 1971

In 2019 – History Repeats Itself

In the latest episode of 2019, Indian Mig-21 with IAF commander Abhinandan Varthaman, shot down the Pakistan F-16, which it again secured from the US.

Mig-21 shot down F-16    
Indian Air Force showing the evidence of bomb piece shell of American F 16 in Indian soil 

What is common in all these Battles?

The Common factors

Humiliation of US equipment

It is the Humiliation of US equipment and thereby, by extended logic of the supplying country itself.

Skills of Indian pilot

It speaks volumes about the skills of Indian pilots and their training.  Their ingenuity in constraints of outdated equipment.

Lack of training of Pakistani pilots

It also speaks of the lack of sufficient training and skills of the Pakistani pilots. 

Quality of F-16 in doubt

India’s Mig-21 is from the 1960s, while F-16 is of recent origin, from US. F stands for Falcon.

For this old Mig-21, to have shot down the F-16, speaks a lot about the quality of this American made fighter jet.

This is a case of Jalopy destroying a new car.

American F-16

Bargaining Power Shot Down

Lockheed Martin will never forgive Wing Commander Abhinandan. They had almost sealed a $20 billion tender for the purchase of 114 advanced F-21 jets by IAF. MiG21 bison shot down their bargaining power in one go.

F- 16 Buy, Bye?

India has a big shopping list for 144 modern fighter jets. If this is the combat quality of F16, why would the Indian Air Force consider it? 

Similarly, will the other nations consider a vulnerable F-16 fighter jets and their subsequent versions like F-19, F-21…

A loss of Market for US.

A loss of market for Lockheed Martin and US.  For a capitalist economy like the US, loss of market is a huge factor and a loss of edge. 

End User Agreement Violated

While selling these F-16s to Pakistan, US had made it very clear that these F-16s were to be used only for self-defence.

This clause has now been violated now with the offensive action that the Pakistani air Force has taken by flying the F-16 into Indian Airspace, when there was no intrusion by Indian Air Force into Pakistani air space at the moment. The US made Armament was dropped in Indian Territory targeting military establishments.

With this action, Pakistani Air force has violated this clause.

Shouldn’t the US now invoke this clause with Pakistan, and refuse to supply them with spares?

This will effectively ground over 80% of the Pakistani Air Force, and will blunt out 1/3 of their forces. 

This will also save the US from any further humiliation in the future.

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