Surgical Strike-3

Three Surgical Strikes

India in the last few years have carried out three Surgical Strikes.

  1. Surgical Strike at Indo-Myanmar border on 10th June 2015
  2. Surgical Strike in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (POK) on 29th September 2016.
  3. Surgical Air Strike into Pakistan on 26th February 2019.

All these strikes have been successful.

Third Surgical Strike – Air Strike

This Surgical Air Strike has been carried out by the Indian Air Force (IAF), to destroy 3 terror camps 2 POK – in Muzzafarabad and Chakothi and one in Pakistan – in Balakot.

 Thus this strike was not limited to POK, but was deep into Pakistan territory of Balakot.



This town Balakot is geographically near Abbottabad, where Pakistan was hiding the dreaded terrorist Osama Bin laden, where the US Army seals struck to eliminate him.

Air Strike carried out by Indian Air Force on Pakistan Terror camps
A representative image    

1000 Kg Bomb

The payload of the bombs dropped at the terrorist camp in Balakot was in the range of 1000 kgs.

The effect of dropping a 1000 kg bomb in one spot is that everything there is smashed to smithereens.

Even Earthworms cannot survive

Even earthworms cannot survive that heavy pounding.

300 terrorists eliminated

It is guesstimated that about 300 terrorists have been eliminated in these air strikes.

First since 1971

Indian Air force has not crossed the Line of Control (LOC) since 1971. 

India has done so now decisively. 

Pakistan – Terroristan

For long, Pakistan has been nurturing and harboring terrorist to such an extent that it is now recognized by the world community not as not Pakistan but Terroristan.

Deep Striking ability of IAF

This day February 26th should be remembered for the valour and the deep striking capacity of the Indian Air Force.

India’s right to defend itself

India should at frequent intervals eliminate these terror bases in Pakistan to keep India safe from bomb blasting. Regular and Robust attacks are a hall mark of a country that can rightfully defend itself and flex its muscles in defending itself.

If Israel can carry out surgical strikes, If USA can carry out surgical strikes, India too has clearly given the message that it can carry out repeated surgical strikes, and successfully at that, and tellingly at that.

A resounding message.

More on the Surgical Strikes carried out by India, in our book, “Knowing New India”.

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