Vivaha Panchami

Rama Sita Marriage

Vivaha Panchami is celebrated as the day when Rama was married to Sita, across India and Nepal. In the Indian calendar, this day is observed on the fifth day – Panchami of the Shukla Paksha or waxing phase of moon in the Margashirsha.

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Rama Sita Marriage

In Gregorian Calendar

What will be this date in the Gregorian calendar?

Rama was 13 years at the time of his marriage. When Ravana came in disguise as a mendicant to Sita, asking for alms, she introduces herself as the wife of Rama and daughter-in-law of Dasaratha. She goes on to express that at the time of Vanvas, exile, her husband was 25 years in age. She continues to state that since her marriage to Rama, she lived in Ayodhya for 12 years.

From this, we can understand that Rama had completed 13 years at the time of his marriage.

5101 BCE

Rama’s birth date has been arrived at as 12:30 in the afternoon on 10th January 5114 BCE. By going ahead 13 years in Rama’s life, we can arrive at the year of Rama’s marriage, as 5101 BCE.

5114 – 13 = 5101 BCE.

This tallies very well and fits in correctly with the dialogue that Sita had with Ravana before abduction.

7119th Anniversary

So, this year 2018 CE, when we add 5101 and 2018, is 7119th wedding anniversary of Rama and Sita.


Rama’s and Sita’s wedding was performed at Janakapur in capital city of Mithila, in present day Nepal.

Vivah 2

Janakpur, Nepal

To this day, Margashirsha, Shukla Paksha Panchami day is remembered as Vivaha Panchami in Janakapur, as thousands flock here every year on this day. Vivaha Panchami day is national holiday in country of Nepal. A celebration continued for 7100 years.

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