Human Rights Day


In the last few centuries, the mind-set has been to demand the rights for oneself than to perform one’s duties. Probably one telling shift from this mind-set was when John F Kennedy in his swearing in speech said “Ask not what the country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country”.

Through this telling speech, he tried to bring in the concept of duty over right.

Today, we are living in a totally commercial world, where every act is looked at, for its return and profitability. This trait has disturbed the equilibrium of life and nature and has contributed to the decline in societal values and the moral chaos we find ourselves in now.

One of the aspects of Universal message of Krishna, 5000 years ago, was the concept of Nishkama Karma – to do one’s duty dispassionately in line with one’s natural Dharma or resonate with the pulse of nature, without any attachments to the benefits to oneself as separated from nature.

Human Rights Day.jpg

Taking from the past teachings of Krishna 5000 years ago and John F Kennedy’s message, 50 years ago, in this Millennium, the concept of Nishkama Karma or to do one’s duties, could the message for the new Millennium than just keeping on asking for rights and rights and more rights…

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