International Anti Corruption Day


Corruption – The Cancer

Corruption forms a wave of plunder which started soon after India’s Independence. It is a case of Indians themselves looting India. Scams and slums in India are but two sides of the same coin. The scams that have occurred have kept India a poor nation which manifests in the poverty and the slums that we have. If only we could remove the scar of the scams, India would be prosperous once again.

Anti Corruption 1

The divide between “the haves” and “the have” nots due to Corruption

How do we combat this Cancer of Corruption?

Cure for this Cancer

The cure for this Cancer can come from two sides,

  • External, using outside agents – as part of Bhedha and Dhanda
  • Internal, from within – as part of Sama and Dhana

The external approach is by implementing stiff laws, firm policing, tracking down of the stashed money to the ends of the world and repatriating them back to India. The punishments that come along with policing, tracking and repatriation will obviously be the external force that should make people comply.

In an inside out approach, in order to bring those citizens who are playing truant, to adhere to the framework of society, we first need to understand the reason behind their acts.

We need to first ponder over why a person becomes corrupt. One finds that it is usually fear and insecurity of the future that makes one corrupt. Hence to attack Corruption from within, one needs to work at this root cause of fear and insecurity.


The carefully thought out 5C approach of His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar comes to our mind as a guide to combat corruption, the 5Cs being,

Anti Corruption 2

His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

1. Connectedness: In a small society or village, people are connected to one another. The belongingness to the land and people is more in such small societies. If we observe carefully, corruption is also low here. It is in the urban areas where there is not much connect with the society or the land, where there is no particular sense of connect, that the corruption is higher.

2. Courage: Lack of confidence in one’s own ability, leads to lack of self-esteem and thus lack of courage in taking up initiatives or standing up to face challenges. This in turn creates insecurity and fear in a person which makes one corrupt, in the false hope that by hoarding, one can become secure, little realizing that in fact, when a person hoards, he or she becomes even more insecure. This is a vicious cycle.

3. Cosmic Order: To connect with oneself again and get confidence, one needs to pause and look around. Not just in the immediate vicinity but all the way up into the cosmos. This universe, the stars, this earth, life and humans have been around for millions of years. Everything in this creation is cyclical. Everything here is part of nature and our life span which we think is long, is in fact, just a drop in the cycles of time, which goes for millions of years. This opening of one’s vision, mind and broadening of the horizon will create a self-realization in one, that one is only here for a few passing moments in the life span of this earth and all the hoarding will come to nought as time moves on. If one is explained this in the right perspective and realizes it, then comes the fourth C.

4. Compassion: The realization that we are part of this cosmos and whether we like it or not, we are just a passing phase in this rhythmic cycle of nature, emphasizes how insignificant we are in the whole scheme of the Universe. A realization which in turn will help us to live as one with nature and live as per the nature of human beings, the Dharma of human beings, which is to care and be compassionate to fellow human beings. This positive act of compassion, while it may be there in the animal kingdom, is more pronounced as a characteristic in man. And where there is compassion, corruption cannot creep in.

5. Commitment: To achieve all these, what is required is the 5th C i.e., Commitment.

Realizing the first 4 Cs is not enough, if it is not transferred into action. That comes from commitment. This commitment comes from within a person.

Anti Corruption 3

The 5C chain

Combating corruption is not just an external effort of policing by an external body but is also an internal effort of realization and change within oneself.

More on Corruption, the way to deal with it and ways to bring back black money, in our book You Turn India.

Anti Corruption 4

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