Nelson Mandela and Gandhian Principles

Nelson Mandela was one of the prime advocates of Gandhian principles. One of Nelson Mandela’s famous quotes about Gandhi include, “You gave us a lawyer, we gave you a Mahatma”. This is in connection to Gandhi’s life in South Africa, before he returned to India and joined the Indian Freedom Struggle.


Nelson Mandela followed the Gandhian ahimsa principle in South Africa, to quell Apartheid.
Apartheid means Apartness in the Afrikaans language.

Mandela showed in us practice how, Satyagrah way of struggle is valid, in 1990 also, in the Modern world and not relevant to 1940s and to India alone. Through his example he displayed the applicability of Satyagraha in different parts of the world, in modern times, under different oppressive regimes.

He spent 27 years in jail, but did not express rancor against the white masters.  This great quality of Ahimsa he had imbibed from Gandhi, and was of the idea “We are not against the British, but only colonialism.” An echo of what our father of the nation stood for!

He became the founding character of the Rainbow nation, the father of South Africa.

India was one of the first countries he visited, after being president of South Africa.

He was awarded the Bharat Ratna by the government of India, for his Gandhian struggle. One among three non-Indians to be honoured thus, the other two being Khan Abdul Ghafar Khan who is also famous as Frontier Gandhi, and Mother Theresa.

A symbol of global Peace & advocate of Human Rights, one of the greatest men of the century.

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